Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Almost counterproductive

Today at work, my brain suddenly decided to stop working. Literally within the space of 15 seconds, I went from working at a good pace, to a full and complete stop. I looked blankly at the screen, and could not for the life of me force a useful and coherent thought from my mind to my fingers to the keyboard. After staring for a few minutes, I let my attention wander around my desk for a while to see if I could get back "in the zone". No dice.

I saw a Post-It notepad off to the side, and idly wrote "I am sitting here being unproductive" on it. That didn't seem like the type of note you should leave lying around where your boss can see it, and I didn't have a shredder, so I took a few minutes to tear up the note into very small pieces. As I scooped the pieces into my hand to throw away, a gust of wind blew most of them all over the floor, so I spent a few more minutes crawling around picking up pieces of paper. And after all this, I still couldn't get my mind to focus.

I think it was the most useless 10 minutes of my life.


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